"Cathy provided inspiration for budding artists and illustrators, writers and graphic designers - all in one friendly package!"
Katie Hill, Librarian, Oakwood School 

Cathy Brett does talks...
Hay Festival Scribbler's Tour 2012
Thanks to Mrs Wright, The Howard of Effingham for this photo
 live drawing...
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 festival events, talks to book groups, creative writing seminars
...and could even be your Writer/Artist in Residence

Cathy Brett’s talks and workshops are crammed full of creativity. As a successful artist, designer, writer and teacher, she knows exactly how creativity works and how to inspire it in young people. She’s passionate about books and reading for pleasure but also about storytelling through art, illustration, animation and interactive platforms. Her previous career in the design industry opens doors on an exciting world of creative possibilities for pupils and encourages them to explore their ideas and imaginations through a range of media.
Cathy’s talks and workshops always begin with a visual biography then segue into themes inspired by her novels – ‘superhero powers’, ‘ghosts and monsters’, ‘drawings that come true’, ‘texting teenagers 100 years ago’ – and end with an activity session that combines talking, writing, drawing… and lots of fun.

Cathy Brett is an illustrator who also writes, which isn’t unusual in children’s books but, until recently, has been quite a novelty in young adult fiction. Ex-fashion designer, ex-theatre designer, ex-fragrance packaging designer, ex-jet-setting cool-hunter, ex-art and design teacher, Cathy Brett turned to writing and illustrating books for teenagers after decades of day-dreaming and being easily bored. Now, all those hours staring into space and doodling in the margins during long meetings are being put to good use in her thrilling, funny, poignant, super-cool and quirkily illustrated YA novels. 
Cathy has appeared at the Hay Festival of Literature, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Bath Children's Literature Festival and many other festivals around the UK. She's also a regular contributor to the Hay Festival Scribbler's Tour. She can be booked through Authors Aloud UK.

"The workshop unleashed their creativity and, in some cases, transformed their views of books and reading."  Anna Hughes, English Teacher, The Howard of Effingham School 

"Her ideas are fresh and original.  Students found it very inspiring as did the teaching staff."  Davida Hall, LRC, The Priory School

Thanks to Mrs Skene at GHS for this great photo

and thanks to Mrs Illife at Hove Park for this one