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...for Everything Is Fine (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

 " Unforgettable. Days later, I still find myself thinking about this novel and its characters..." The Book Nook

“Why can’t teen fiction have pictures?”
Cathy Brett, Guardian Book Blog, 11 June 2013

...for Graphic

"A dramatic climax draws a very satisfying and engrossing story to a conclusion." Parents In Touch

...for Verity Fibbs

"A thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat." The Bookbag

"This is a lively, fun and engaging read with a strong central character and plenty of energetic humour and action. Cathy Brett's distinctive graphic illustrations are the perfect complement to the text, offering a highly visual and very appealing reading experience which is all too rarely found in teenage fiction." Booktrust

"A funny and entertaining read from an author with a unique voice. Cathy Brett's books are current and topical and the author definitely knows how teenagers operate. I'm already looking forward to her next book." Serendipity Reviews

Interview THE SUN Newspaper, Friday 22nd Oct 2010

 ...for Scarlett Dedd

"Brilliantly written and belly-achingly funny.  A fantastic little book that will make you laugh all the way through.  I recommend this to everyone."  Empire of Books

"Very funny, amazing illustrations and very stylish."  Richard and Judy Children's Book Club

"Really disgusting... and cool.  I loved it!" Abi, 12

"Without a doubt, the most creative novel I have read this year and not just in its storytelling... a new style of novel... every page is a treat"  Keith B Walters - Books and Writers

"Definitely has boy appeal... laugh-out-loud funny... some of the things that go on in this book are simply too good to be totally fictional... such a breath of fresh air... worth buying just to look at the pictures."  The Book Zone (for boys)

"Brett's writing is always funny and contemporary and her fantastic illustrations add an extra element of coolness to her stories."  Wondrous Reads

"Fast paced and hilarious in a sort of melancholy Tim Burton kind of way."  bloggers[heart]books

"A really attention-grabbing, exceptional book... the most extraordinary, enjoyable experience... top marks for originality!"   lovereadingx

...for Ember Fury

"Deceptively easy to read but full of depth, humour, emotion and quality storytelling." Booktrust

"A wonderful book about tragedy, family, loss, reconciliation and friendship!  It's as much a work of art as it is an awesome story."  teenlibrarian

"Sassy and entertaining, the novel makes clever use of fresh and quirky graphic illustrations integrated throughout the text.  Crucially though, the author has understood the teenage psyche... so much so that you feel she might even be one."  lovereadingx
"A book that will have younger teens hooked."  aboutbooks

'The way Brett has played with text and image is fantastic.  Ember Fury is hip and fun.  Read it!"  bean there, read that

"Ember Fury is a beautifully presented novel.  I loved the illustrations inside and the way they blended with the writing... I soon found myself completely absorbed in the story."  Chicklish

"Cathy Brett has written a fresh, funky story that is part graphic novel, film script, diary, sketchbook and blog.  It was definitely a fun book to read."  Good Reads

"All the right ingredients for a fantastic teen novel: angst, love, irritating parents, drama, danger and boys.  Cathy's writing and art have come together brilliantly to make this one very cool novel."  Sugar Magazine

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Jumping at my desk about Ember

It seems my first ever book is still being discovered and enjoyed by new readers. This makes me very happy indeed, as you can probably imagine.
This week I was sent a 'Book Report' by a chap called Dexter (aged 9 and 3/4) and was delighted to see that he had chosen to write about Ember Fury. Turns out Dexter is a pretty good author himself. The report was really well written and I was pleased to hear that all my favourite bits of Ember Fury are Dexter's too. Instead of focussing on Ember's attention-seeking fire-starting or the crazy desert car chase with Finn, Dexter chose the scene where Em gave the chauffeur the slip and ended up in the comic book store as his fave (which was, incidentally, the best scene to write).
His favourite character was Ned, whom I ADORE too, almost more than Ember (shhh, don't tell her!). Dexter also liked my drawings and said they were 'amazing' which made me jump up and down at my desk (Dangerous as I'd just made a hot mug…

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Surrey Artists' Open Studios

What a glorious weekend!
The spectacular weather has really shown off my new studio. The light has been wonderful, the perfect gallery space. The garden looks pretty great too. I've been asked for contact details of my landscaper, Jeff Roots, by LOADS of people and then yesterday he turned up with his family to see the fruits of all his hard work (and my planting, obvs!)

I had lots of visitors over the first two days and can't wait 'till next Saturday. I'll be open 11am - 5pm on the 11th, 12th, 18th & 19th June, so come along if you can. HERE for details of all the other studios, maps and trails.